QBIS presents a one day Intensive course on St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians
Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 8:30AM - 1:00 PM
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Meet your instructor...Dr. John Geiser

John obtained his B. Th, M. Th, and doctorate in Theology from the Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Biblical Studies.  He also received a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Pinecrest Bible Training Center.

John has traveled throughout the United States and ministered in a number of churches.  At present he is part of Living Waters Church of God in Saratoga Springs, NY.  He functions in prophetic ministry there.

As part of his journey toward obtaining his doctoral degree, John has developed, set up, and was Administrator of a bible institute.  In that capacity, he oversaw the school as well as teaching and developing courses.

John is married to his wife Mary, with five grown children, two granddaughters, and five grandsons.

John can be reached at 333 Pyramid Pines Estates, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866; home phone 518-306-5353; cell phone 518-376-3961; and email johnpgeiser@hotmail.com.


Course Syllabus

BI 333s- Ephesians

Course Purpose:

There is a need to study God’s Word and understand it.  This course is an overview that will cover a working knowledge of the letter to the church at Ephesus.  Its goal is to educate the student and impart spiritual wisdom and understanding of both the book of Ephesians and the church at Ephesus.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction into the people and the place of Ephesus

  2. Paul’s involvement in Ephesus and the need for this letter

  3. The opposition to the Gospel Paul preached

  4. Overview of Paul’s life

  5. Additional letters written by Paul

  6. Wisdom and knowledge garnered from Paul with respect to this letter

  7. The mark Paul left at Ephesus

  8. Paul’s three journeys to Ephesus

  9. Outline of the book of Ephesians

  10. Themes found in the book of Ephesians

  11. Purposes of the book of Ephesians

  12. Keys and key phrases in the book of Ephesians

  13. Today’s application of the knowledge obtained in the book of Ephesians

Course Summary:

Basic knowledge of history of Ephesus is given enlightening the student of historic elements and how they apply to today.

We have a first-hand witness of the involvement of Paul in the City of Ephesus.

Paul’s opposition of the Gospel causes many battles where he openly defends his faith and the Gospel itself.

Paul’s life and background are exposed to the reader shedding greater insight into not only his purpose here but his own life experiences.

Paul’s ministry is illuminated as we find other writings that testify of the vast and wide scope of his ministry.

Imparted wisdom and knowledge is revealed by Paul. Jewels and ministries are also revealed as he writes.

The impact of Paul’s life has given us timeless nuggets of fruit that will help us live our lives today.

Paul’s purpose at Ephesus is revealed by his three journeys to Ephesus.

Other items you will obtain as you study the book of Ephesians:

  • Outline of Ephesians

  • Themes of Ephesians

  • Purposes of Ephesians

  • Keys and Key Phrases of Ephesians 

You will learn practical knowledge with examples for today.

Course Text Book(s):

Wright, N.T.;  Paul for Everyone The Prison Letters. Westminster John Knox Press. 2002

Wright, N.T.;  Ephesian 11 Studies for Individuals and Groups. InterVarsity Press. 2009

Bible. Students can use whatever translation they have. The instructor will be using the Amplified Bible.

Course Assignments & Expectations:

  1. Complete 20 questions. Questions should be answered in complete sentences with full explanation. Use a separate sheet of paper to answer questions.

  1.  Go to www.truestudy.com and view Ephesians video lesson Chapter 6:13.  Write a 200-word essay on what you have learned.

  2. A 200-word essay on the impact of the course of Ephesians stating what you have learned and how it will impact your life going forward.

Course Bibliography:

1.     References -Internet





          2.     References -General 


Hill, Maura K.; True Bible Study Ephesians.  TrueBibleStudy.com.  2008

Jensen, Irving L.; Jensen’s Survey of the New Testament.  Moody Press.  1981

McGee, J. Vernon; Exploring Through Ephesians.  Thru the Bible Books.  1982

Stevenson, John; The Epistle to the Ephesians.  Redeemer Publishing.  2011

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Dr. Geiser will be joined in his visit to QBIS by his lovely wife, Mary.

Dr. John and Mary Geiser enjoy meeting new people and look forward to John's second visit to QBIS, while it will be the first for Mary. 

Mary is the Ministry Administrator for John Geiser Ministries.

Both Dr. and Mrs Geiser are history buffs and will likely take some time to explore Greater Atlanta's historical sites.