Removing the barriers to your ministerial and Biblical education without sacrificing quality is one of our primary goals.

As such, one of the key principles upon which QBIS is built is to provide an excellent post-secondary Biblical education to anyone with a desire and interest to attend. We are committed to making it possible financially - without undue burden. To achieve that goal we have structured the financial obligations of the student in such a way as to allow, over a period of time for every serious student  to complete one or more of our programs.

We do not believe achieving these goals ought to bring greater debt to the student. We have kept the costs low and we ask for all fees to be paid in advance of attending class. Please look carefully at the fee structure for Quest Bible Institute and Seminary below.

Fee Schedule 2020-2022

 Application fee                                                   

                                                                               $25 one time and non-refundable


            ATS - Advanced Theological Studies          $200 per course          2 Credit hr


            IBS -  Intensive Bible Seminars                   $225 per course         2 Credit hr

            Audit fees                                                  $125 per course         0 Credit hr 



Textbooks for each course are listed in the Course Syllabus online. Each student is responsible for acquiring the textbook/s for each course for which they enroll.

Costs vary each trimester. It is not uncommon that textbooks are not always inexpensive.  Do not be alarmed.

We encourage students to buy Used copies of the text or seek online eTexts that may in some cases be free. We will resource our students with online sources for quality used books at reasonable costs.

William Foxwell Albright, American Archaeologist and educator known for his excavations of biblical sites, 1891-1971

“The Bible towers in content above all earlier religious literature; and it towers just as impressively over all subsequent literature in the direct simplicity of its message and the catholicity of its appeal to men of all lands and times.”